This course deals with advanced Customizing techniques for the leading standard Enterprise Resource Planning solution - SAP S/4HANA. Based on an all-encompassing implementation scenario that you will carry out actively in the system, a wide range of SAP s/4HANA organizational units and the entire organizational structure of the company will be created in the SAP system. Furthermore, you will customize own master data and map a detailed business process in the system to accomplish an end-to-end business scenario spanning the following applications: Production, Accounting, Logistics/Sales and Distribution, as well as Human Resources. Additionally, you will become acquainted with the customizing of own reports in conjunction with a variety of tools provided by SAP S/4HANA. The case studies are completed by in-depth theoretical foundation on the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG) and IMG projects as well as the client concept, Change and Transport Management, as well as the authorization concept of SAP systems.