In this course, advanced concepts of the coding language ABAP are introduced.

In a first step, the necessary theoretical concepts of ABAP are laid out, followed by practical programming exercises on the living SAP system.
The programming exercises are performed on an SAP system for training purposes. In this system, a big amount of exemplary data is already integrated and can be used for the exercises. This way, own programs can be tested easily and without unnecessary and time-consuming effort. Aside from guided exercises, in which the fundamental workflow is practiced, there is a second form of case studies in which the students have to apply the concepts of the course independently.

In the course, the students will be confronted with three major topics:
1. Getting to know object oriented concepts and their execution in ABAP; Intense practical application of the new knowledge by developing new programs and testing them in the SAP training system.
2. Customizing of SAP standard products according to customer needs: Modification of original code from accessible dictionary elements as well as from elements of the programs' user interface by using different techniques.
3. Developing modern browser-based applications by using Web Dynpro.
Additionally, the course covers the following aspects: ALV Grid Control, Event Handling, Unicode and dynamic programming.